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BPLI is the home of SLIVERS magazine, the glossy beacon of the Philippine construction industry showcasing high-end products & services, featured homes & projects, and related industries, such as: interior design, architecture, hospitality and lifestyle establishments.  SLIVERS has gained its reputation as a high-end magazine through the unwavering support of its industry partners here and abroad for almost two decades.
The BUILDERS DIRECTORY PHILIPPINES is the longest-running print publication that embodies the Philippine construction industry being the most reliable sourcebook of industry professionals, suppliers and service providers.  It covers everything in construction to build your dream homes; and likewise, a partner in nation building.


We take pride in partnering with the country’s most reputable associations in the Philippine construction industry, namely: Association of Carriers & Equipment Lessors; Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines; Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers; Philippine Constructors Association; Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board; Federation of Electrical & Electronic Suppliers & Manufacturers of the Philippines; Philippine Institute of Architects; Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers; Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers; Philippine Institute of Interior Designers; Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers; and the United Architects of the Philippines, to mention a few.  We also take pride in partnering with the Malaysian Institute of Architects for our Malaysia event.
We also take pride in collaborating with industry events managers; organizers and cross-media outfit, namely: Globallink Exhibitions Specialist Inc.; L.A. Ducut & Co.; Philippine Realty TV; Worldbex Services International and the C.I.S. Network Sdn Bhd.